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Tel: (852) 2573-1357
Fax: (852) 2776-3574
 ACAHK membership consists of:
Indvidual Members -
    Individual membership is open to everyone at the age of 18 or over. You can join as an Ordinary Member or Life Ordinary Member provided that you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Chinese origin. In any event, you can join us as an Associate Member or Life Associate Member.    
Charter Members -
    A special class of individual membership is the Charter Member. The Charter Membership is granted to distinguished persons and those having made considerable contributions to the Association. A person shall become a Charter Member.    
Corporate Members -
    Corporate Membership is available to companies and organisations. A Corporate Member and its nominees may use the facilities and attend various functions of the Association, subject to the rules and regulations imposed on Corporate Members.    
  Membership Fee:
Membership Category Joining Fee (HK$) Annual  Fee (HK$)
Ordinary Member $100 $200
(full-time student aged 18-25) $50 $100
Life Ordinary Member N.A. $3,000 (one-off fee)
Associate Member $100 $200
(full-time student aged 18-25) $50 $100
Life Associate Member N.A. $2,000 (one-off fee)
Corporate Member N.A. $2,000